Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Helpful Tips and Impressive Designing Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens

We all agree that the kitchen is the most special room in our homes for so many reasons and we can’t deny that the family chats comes on top of the list, right? So, what about a double joy, the same special times that we spend in the kitchen, but in open air place? If you are interested, join me here to know how to design an amazing outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

small outdoor kitchenDesigning an outdoor kitchen will be different from designing the indoor one in many points like the usage, the designing steps and the tips that you need to consider. The space of your outdoor area will determine the first point which is, whether you should design a small or large outdoor kitchen. The climate of the place where you live whether cold, rainy or windy, will also determine other important points.

Ask yourself before you choose any design, are you going to design an outdoor kitchen only for the family occasions or big meetings or you are planning to use it often. The answer of this question will determine a lot of decisions. I think by now, you realized why it’s so different to design an outdoor kitchen and it’s not the same like designing the indoor one.

Designing Tips

Ok, now it’s time to talk about the steps that will help you to design a comfortable, joyful and even affordable outdoor kitchen. Take the measurements of your outdoor area and don’t forget to consider leaving enough space for moving and even running if you have kids.

Set your budget and write a list of all the things that you need to put and use in your outdoor kitchen according to your outdoor space and don’t worry there is always smart solution and alternatives for the small spaces. It’s okay to go online and search for the prices to get a good idea about how much you will need to achieve the design that you seek. Just pay attention to save some extra money for any extras.

Now, you are ready to go for the design that fit you and it’s time to talk about some other important tips and impressive ideas. When you choose your outdoor kitchen design, always remember that it’s still part of your home and its design should match the entire design of your home.

outdoor kitchenAny outdoor kitchen design you choose should include three major parts which are the sink, cooking and preparing areas. Kitchen layouts, does this word ring a bell? Yes, they are the same layouts you chose from to design you indoor kitchen and guess what? They are the same that you will choose from to design your outdoor kitchen as well. Choosing the suitable layout whether U, L or island shaped will depend on the space and the shape of your outdoor area; it’s the same as the indoor.

You can make a bond between your outdoor and indoor kitchen, especially if you have small outdoor area. For example, if you don’t have enough space to put storage places in your outdoor kitchen, then consider designing your outdoor kitchen next to your indoor one and make sure to leave free access between them to get your stuff easily.

When you arrange your outdoor kitchen, try to choose a focal point and then arrange the rest of the pieces around this point. The focal points always catch the eye and enhance the beauty of any design. If you chows the grill as the focal point, pay attention to choose the its place carefully according to the wind and make sure that the smoke is carried away from your home, you don’t want the barbeque smoke to fill your home, right?

When you arrange your outdoor kitchen, make sure to choose a safe arrangement, for example, avoid placing the refrigerator next to the grill. Choosing the outdoor kitchen appliances won’t be like choosing the indoor appliances, because the appliances that you will use outdoor should stand the different weather changes like rains, snow, heat, etc, so make sure to choose them carefully according to the weather of the place where you live.

Follow the same idea when you choose the other parts of your outdoor kitchen and always look for durable materials that are easy to maintain and clean like stainless steal. Stainless steal is the best choice for outdoor kitchens whether you will choose it for the appliances, cabinets or even the countertops, it so durable, easy to clean and it looks stylish in the same time.

outdoor kitchen designI know it’s outdoor and light will be everywhere, but you still need to include some extra lighting fixtures especially task lighting fixtures. Place these lighting fixtures in the places where you cook, wash the dishes and preparer the food, time runs with the family and you may spend the entire day in the outdoor kitchen and you will some lighting to see when it get dark.

It’s so important to consult a conductor when it’s time to install the gas, electricity and water lines and always ask for a professional help to finish this mission. Last but not least, when you choose the outdoor kitchen flooring, make sure to go the types that prevent slipping and that mean no marble or tiles; stone pavers and concrete are the best fitting types to use instead.

Bottom Line

Remember the outdoor kitchen isn’t just an ordinary place; it’s the most special place that will witness precious times and warm family meetings, so make sure to choose a design that suits these indescribable meanings.

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