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Kitchen Cabinets Types – Interesting Information about Kitchen Cabinets!

Choosing the suitable kitchen cabinets depends on some main points like, your kitchen’s space, style, designs, your budget and the type of the kitchen cabinets that fit you the most. Did I just say cabinets’ types? Yes, I did and if you are interested to know more about these types, read this article.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Stock Kichen cabinetsThe first type is called stock cabinet; this cabinet is ready-made which makes it the perfect choice if you want to save time and money in the same time, just make the call and order the one you liked. It’s a ready-made cabinet and that means no customization is available. The stock cabinets come in limited design, styles, finishes and colors, so if you are looking for something that offers variety of options, then this isn’t the one for you. Taking your kitchen measurements is a must if you decide to go for kitchen stock cabinets, because they come in common sizes that may not fit your need.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom CabinetsThe second kitchen type is called custom cabinets, these cabinets are made according to your choice and I really mean whatever you choose, including the size, design, style, color, finish, etc. These cabinets will cost you a lot and they will also take more time than any other cabinets type, but they will be made exactly as you want and need. Using visualization software will be recommended if you choose this type to get a full image of your kitchen design even before it’s finished.

Using this software may inspire you with additional ideas that you can apply to your kitchen design or at least inspire you with some modifications to add. You will pay a lot if you choose the custom kitchen cabinets, so avoiding any mistakes will be a good idea. Taking the measurements of your kitchen is always the first step to make, before even deciding on the kitchen cabinet type. Write down the measurements in a paper before you visit the kitchen cabinets store and for confirmation, ask your store to send someone to take the measurements again.

If you choose the custom kitchen cabinets, then you should know that you will wait for long time to receive your kitchen cabinets. There is no known estimated waiting time, because this point will be determined by the design you choose, the size and the store that you deal with.

Semi- Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi Custom Kitchen CabinetsSo, what about something in the middle, something with customization options and less expenses? The semi- custom kitchen cabinets is what I am talking about, these cabinets are available in more styles, sizes and designs than the stock cabinets, but they won’t cost you much like the custom cabinets. The semi- custom cabinets come in common sizes like the stock cabinets, but they give you the option to make some modification in the width and the length of the cabinets.

The semi- custom cabinets also offer verity of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the paints, color, finishes, glazes, etc. The semi-custom cabinets also give you the option to add some special features like the roll out shelves and door racks to your kitchen design, what would be better, right? Usually these cabinets take from four to eight weeks to be delivered, for sure the adds-on that you will add to your semi- custom will determine the exact delivery time, so you need to consider this point if you want to receive your cabinets in certain date.

Bottom Line

There is no right choice here; the right choice will be only determined by your budget, time and your personal choice. If you have enough budget and time, then go for the semi- custom or the custom cabinets, but if you don’t, then the stock cabinets is the best choice to go for.

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